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Why pay someone to design your site for you?

The answer to this lies in the specialist software required to build a well designed site. Although it is possible to build a site with nothing more than a simple text editor you are unlikely to end up with stunning results. What about graphics, navigational systems, interactions? All these mean specialist software and that means money.

Unlike many companies I don't work to pre-set templates - who wants a site that looks like everyone elses? YOUR site is designed around what YOU want. You probably have a corporate logo and a corporate colour scheme. Surely it makes sense to have your site built around these rather than trying to squeeze your image into a pre-set template.

The main criteria for me is that YOU approve of the work I do for you so I work closely with my customers to make sure that they feel comfortable with their finished sites. All graphical elements and Flash interactions will be tailor made for your site - you won't see them anywhere else!

Whatever your design needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch.




Your site will be designed
specifically for you and your needs